Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Seyenna: Part 2

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Seyenna dawdled on her way home. She knew her brothers would be out late tonight, so she had some time to spare before she started their supper. She lingered as she passed the entrance to the forest. She had never been inside, Grigai forbade it. There was lots of untold dangers in the forest, or so he said. Seyenna always found this strange, as whenever her brothers returned home from work, they said it was quiet, no sign of any enemies. She was sure they were keeping something from her, for they knew of her lust for adventure.

By the time Seyenna returned home, she was feeling quite annoyed. She hated her job. She longed for excitement. She longed for revenge. As Seyenna began to make supper, she thought about her parents. This was something that she didn’t allow herself to do very often, it was too painful. She fell to the kitchen floor, a tear slipping down her cheek. She missed her mother. She was very young when she died, yet Seyenna remembered it as though it were yesterday. She remembered herself as a baby, on the floor of the forest, as her mother was dragged away. That was the last time she saw her.

The front door slammed shut, and Seyenna quickly wiped a tear from her cheek. Her brothers were home. She ran to the door to greet them, as she always did. As she reached the hallway, she skidded to a halt. Something was wrong. Grigai was there, looking worried and upset. There was no sign of Filorris. Seyenna looked at Grigai, her eyes asking the question she couldn't bear to speak.

"It was giants," said Grigai, correctly interpretting the silence. "We were fighting them for hours. There was no time to signal for help. They broke through our sentries and were at our base before we knew what was happening. I lost five of my troop, there were bodies everywhere, Ours and theirs. It was total madness."

Seyenna took a deep breath. She was sure she didn't want to know the answer to this question, but she needed to ask. "And Filorris?" she whispered, her eyes closed, not wanting to hear. "Gone. No sign of him. He was patrolling one of the sentry posts on the outskirts of the forest. His whole squad is dead. But there was no sign of Fil. No body, no weapon, no nothing."

With that Grigai dropped his weapons and walked into the study. Seyenna stood where she was, unmoving, waiting for the news to sink in. It couldn't be true. She couldn't believe it, wouldn't believe it. Filorris couldn't be gone. He was an elite soldier. He was better trained than anyone. He was her hero, something like a band of giants couldn't get the better of him.

Seyenna followed her brother into the study. "So what now?" she asked. Grigai turned slowly on his chair. "What now?" he asked, "Nothing, what can we do? The giants have gone. Its over."
"WHAT?!" screamed Seyenna. " What do you mean, it's over? What are the Woodland Protectors doing? Who is out there looking for Fil? Who is out there hunting down the giants and making them pay for what they did. Why are you home? Have you just given up Grigai? Is that it?"

Grigai looked at her, desperate for her to understand. "We were given orders Sey. It's not safe out there. If we withdraw from the forest, let things quieten down, they might not come back this time. Its orders Sey."

Seyenna looked at her brother in disgust. So that was it. The Woodland Protectors fled, leaving any hope of finding her brother gone. Well, Seyenna wasn't going to stand for it, not again. They did this when the giants took her mother, but Seyenna had been too young to do anything about it. But not this time. She marched upstairs and took out Filorris's spare curiass. It was a little big, but it would have to do. She strapped a bow to her back, took Grigai's sword from the doorway where he dropped it, and went back to the study.

Seyenna looked at the back of her brothers head, he was obviously exhausted. But Seyenna could not have cared less this time. She always cared for her brothers, made sure they were well fed, and well looked after. But Grigai was going to have to look after himself. "Goodbye Grig" she said. Grigai jumped out of his seat, a look of terror on his face. He started to argue, tried to stop her, but Seyenna took one last look at her brother, and walked off into the forest. Maybe nobody else cared about Filorris, but she did.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Oooops, Sorry!

Hi all,

Just writing to apologise to anyone who may be waiting for the next installment of my first "online novel". We have been having some major issues with our internet connection, and whilst it isn't fixed yet, it is hopefully going to be stable enough to do some more posting! The next installment will be here in a few days, I promise!

On a seperate note, I want to ask for some help. If anyone has any suggestions they would like to see added to a story, whether it be a character or situation, or anything else you can think of, please email me at fantasy-tales@hotmail .co.uk. I want these stories to be enjoyable to all, so let me know what you want to see! I plan on writing some short 1000-2000 word stories alongside my main novel, and all contribution is greatly welcomed.

Hope to hear from some of you soon, I am off to write part 2!


Monday, 11 February 2008

Seyenna : Part 1

The light shone through the stained glass windows into the workshop, casting intriguing patterns of red and green onto the floor at her feet. Seyenna sat in the corner, a picture of beauty, surrounded by silk yarns in shimmering colours. Sounds of music and children laughing floated in from outside. Everything was peaceful. Everything was still.

All of a sudden, the peace was broken by an anguished cry, and a ball of silk flew across the room. It hit the wall at the other side and fell to the floor in a tangled heap. Seyenna leapt out of her chair , her face red, and started across the room. She had never been able to get the hang of this job. It was just so frustrating. She wasn’t the most graceful of elves and the silk was just too fragile for her fingers. Her heart sank as she picked it up. So many strands were broken that the ball was practically useless. She would have to ask Yaneol for some more.

Luckily, that could wait until tomorrow. Seyenna headed out of the door, cringing as she heard it slam behind her. No doubt somebody would be waiting for her tomorrow to remind her to be more graceful. As an elven maiden, a large amount of emphasis was placed on being graceful and silent. For example, elven maidens were taught to glide, not walk, and certainly not stamp.

Many elves in the village blamed Seyenna’s less then feminine manner on the fact that she had been raised by her brothers, Grigai and Filorris. Their parents had died when Seyenna was very young, and her brothers were the only family she had left.

Grigai and Filorris worked in the forests around Erisis as Woodland Protectors. Grigai was the leader of a band of Woodland Archers, and Filorris was a Ranger. Rangers were very important to the village of Erisis, as they were the elite, the most highly trained of all the Woodland Protectors. Both brothers worked long, hard hours to keep Erisis safe. Erisis was one of the more difficult villages to protect, as there was many bands of giants and ogres living nearby, as well as untold number of beasts further out. For the most part, the beasts steered clear of the forest but the threat was still there.

Seyenna envied her brothers. Being raised by them meant that she saw them train and move up through the ranks. She held their shield as they practiced their sword skills and waxed their leather armor before they set out into the forest. Grigai always said, “A weakness in the armor is a weakness in the soul.” Seyenna never really understood this statement, but Grigai was a wise man, so she always made sure the armor was well kept.

Lately, Seyenna had become more and more envious of Grigai and Filorris. She waved them off for their day in the forest, then set of to her own job in the weaving workshop. She hardly ever admitted it, even to herself, but there was nothing Seyenna wanted more than to strap on her own armor and head into the forest behind them.


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